Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DFR wants YOU to see Miley Cyrus live!!

As you know... we've been very blessed lately.  We're opening for Third Eye Blind on Thursday, March 27th at the Grand Opening of Ballpark Village, we're getting our own beer, we're going to be playing at the Fox Sports Midwest Live! stage at the cardinal's Home Opener on April 7th, etc.

Well, we've been getting so much love lately that we wanted to give a little back to you all since, let's be honest, we would not be where we are today without all of you. *tear*

We are going to give away a pair of tickets to see Miley Cyrus live in St. Louis on April 16th!!

How can you win these tickets??  Easy... make a sign.  We want to see signs at the Grand Opening of Ballpark Village that say "I Came to see Dance Floor Riot!!" or something along those lines.

We want the suits over at Ballpark Village to rest assured they have chosen the right band, so the bigger and bolder... the better!!

We will pick a winner live on stage between 7-9pm!! 

*The picture of Eddie's face on Miley's body above has absolutely no relevence. It's just funny.

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