Wednesday, August 13, 2014


That's right ladies & gents... we are proud to announce the release of our 2nd beer!!  But we couldn't just do it the way we did it last time... we had to go a bit bigger of course.  We've decided to make a day of it, and create a festival... "Quiet Fest".

October 4, 2014 will mark what will hopefully be the first of many festivals of its kind.  It will be held at Alpha Brewing Co in downtown St. Louis starting at 4pm. There will be BBQ for sale all evening, and of course good music.  We've gathered up some of the best acoustic acts throughout St. Louis to put together the following epic lineup:

Mixed Emotions
Jason Cole
Shauna Young
Steve Hunt
Tricky -n- M.E.
Leland's Road
Mark Boemler, and of course....
Dance Floor Quiet.

The show starts at 4pm and goes until midnight.  (Enjoy photos of tese lovely people below. Except ours... you know what we look like.)

OH YEAH... the beer.  We wanted to add a little more... "us" to it this time.  Not just by branding it, but by making the name of the beer coincide with what we do as well.  We came up with... "Hop, Lock & Drop It".  Think about it, let the word play and wittiness set in, then smirk on your own time.  Here's a sneek peak at the label!

This beer will be a pale ale, and will be available both in draught and bottled form at the brewery that night.