Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The DFR Mardi Gras Challenge!!

For the past 3 years we have been playing a show in downtown St. Louis for the Mardi Gras festivities, played a show the night before, and then played another show that same night at a different venue.  And every year, a handful of you PROMISE us that you will make a weekend out of it and just hang with us and go to all 3 shows. Yet only 1 of you has actually done this... ever. And even that brave soul didn't last the entire time.

This has inspired the "DFR Mardi Gras Challenge".  We want to see how many of you can "party like a rock star" and actually make the commitment to hang with us at all 3 shows this year.

Here are the 3 requirements for the challenge, should you choose to accept it;

Step 1. Come pre-party with us on Friday, Feb 28th at Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin.  This show is 9-1, and we're playing with friends of ours, "Black Tie Affair".  The lead singer of "Black Tie Affair" is actually going to be on the upcoming season of "The Voice"... so come party with him (and us of course) before he's out of our league! To successfully complete Step 1, you must remain at the show from 9-1.

Step 2. Come find us at Mardi Gras. (March 1st)  We'll be at the float staging area prior to the actual parade, and then we'll be in the parade as well.  Obviously it will be much easier to do so before the parade at the staging area, but if you can get our attention during the parade, that works too.  We'll be on the Monster Energy float. Or if you can manage to find one of us wandering around after the parade too, that works.  OR you can photograph us as we drive past you in the parade and tag us on Facebook or Twitter.  You get the point... Just find us.

Step 3. Come to our Mardi Gras After Party at River City Casino.  This show is in Judy's Velvet Lounge and is from 8-midnight on March 1st.  You must get there at 8 and make it until midnight to complete the challenge.

We're not quite sure what the prize(s) will be, if any... maybe a personalized T-Shirt?!  But when any of you pansies think "There's no way anyone can do that!!" just remember... there are 6 of us who WILL be doing that. Not to mention we'll be playing our best for 3-4 hours at all 3 of these shows.  You simply get to come and just party!

So... you up for the challenge?