Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Black Tie Affair

On September 7th, we will be playing our first ever black-tie event.  "How does DFR fit in w/a black-tie crowd?" you ask... well these people know how to party!!

We are playing at Lumiere Place/Hotel Lumiere for the 5th Annual Firefighters Ball! 

Want to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event with us?!  Well... you can!!

Follow this link to get details on how you can join us. http://firefightersweekend.com/#/firefighters-ball/4550548254
Tickets are $100 (or $60 for Fire/Police/EMS), which includes cocktails and an extraordinary silent auction.  As you continue well into the evening, enjoy the fine dining, camradery, and conclude the festivities by dancing the night away with yours truly!!

Remember, this is black-tie... so gents, if you're not in a tuxedo, you'll stick out like a sore thumb.  And ladies, formal gowns/dresses are required for you as well.

Gents, you can get a tuxedo for only $49.00 at all Men's Warehouse locations (must order by August 25th).

You can also get a hotel room at Lumiere for the evening for just $101.00, as long as you book by August 25th and use the code: Firefighters Ball 2012.

We hope some of you will make it to this fantastic event, as proceeds from this event benefit the Backstoppers Organization.