Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The moment has finally come... we will be releasing our very first CD on January 26th, and we're hosting a HUGE party to make it a show not-to-be-missed!!  We will be joined by "Those Guys" in the Duck Room at the infamous Blueberry Hill (which is located in the Delmar Loop!!)

We're keeping the details of the CD a surprise for that night, but what we will say is that this is no 3-song demo CD...  it is a 9-song full length album!! 

The show will be from 9-12:30 and tickets will only be $10, and will be sold at the door only.  Tickets and seating are limited, so be sure to get there early to ensure asmission and/or a seat!!  However, if we hit the room capacity, we will do our best to squeeze everyone in, so even if you you must come late... make sure you don't miss this!!

We will be giving away some movie/TV/music prizes that night, and the cost of our CD is... FREE!!

You can get more info (including directions) by visiting their web site here: www.blueberryhill.com

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As you all know by now, we were voted by you the readers of the Riverfront Times, as having the "Best Band Name" for the 2nd year in a row!!  Well, this year we have been asked to play at the "2012 Best Of St. Louis" party, which will be held on the evening of Thursday, November 8th at Plush from 7-11pm!  There will be several of the other food, drink and entertainment winners from 2012 there as well!

For more details and info on how you can join us at the event, visit the following link:

Be sure to use the code "DFR" for $10 off general admission tickets!!

We hope you can all make it and show the RFT that we have the "Best Of" fans in St. Louis!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Years in a Row!

Thanks to all of you lovely people, we have again been awarded Readers' Choice for "Best Band Name in St. Louis" in the Riverfront Times for the 2nd year in a row!!  Just being listed and noticed in the RFT is an honor for us, let alone winning a category voted on by you, the fans!!  Not to mention, we're also in the pages of the RFT alongside such people as Nelly, Mike Bush, El Monstero and our friend Tim Ezell!  THANK YOU!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Much Needed Make Over...

We are proud to announce that our web site has been completely re-done, and is much more user friendly!!

Please visit www.DanceFloorRiot.com and post on Facebook to let us know what you think!

We also have an amazing new mobile version of the site! If you visit our site from your smartphone, you'll see our latest updates immediately! Then if you click "menu", BOOM, you'll have access to our entire site's content!!

Special thanks to long-time friend of the band Matt Dougherty for his work!

Now go check it out!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let's Get Zombified!!

On October 27, 2012 we'll be dressing up as zombies.  Why you ask?!  Well, we will be performing at the Zombie Survival Dash in Robertsville, MO!!

"What on Earth is a Zombie Survival Dash?" you ask??  (Man you ask a lot of questions.)  Well, it is a 5k marathon filled with mud, obstacles and of course... zombies.  Here are details straight from their web site at zombiesurvivaldash.com:

You are provided a flag belt with 3 “flags” or health at the beginning of the race. You wear the belt through the race, and the zombies are tasked with removing those health… Lose all 3 and you’re dead! (Sure, you can still finish the race, but you must have at least 1 health left to be counted amongst the survivors!) As you make your way through the woods, you never know at what point you’ll be attacked – Heck, you don’t even know WHAT might attack! Is that corpse laying on the ground over there really a corpse? Or might it sit up and stumble after you at any moment? You might run into a small out-break, or find yourself surrounded by a dozen attacking dead as soon as you turn the corner…
The point here is that you’ll need more than just your speed to survive. Just like in the movies, you’ll need your brains if you wish to make it to the finish line as a survivor.

There is an all-day "After Party" going on as well... which is where we come into play.  There will be food, drinks, live music (obviously) and games such as grenade tossing, body bag dragging, zombie sharp shooting, etc.  If you'd like to get involved as a part of team "Dance Floor Riot" you can by clicking here: https://zombiesurvivaldash.webconnex.com/teams
Make sure you choose team "dance floor riot" and then enter the code DANCEFLOORRIOT for an instant $10 off the registration fee!!

As if this event isn't cool enough on its own, we decided to spice it up a little bit... we have taken our most recent DFR t-shirt and "zombified" it for this one show only!!  We will only have a limited number of these rare shirts and they will be available to our team runners first.  Once you sign up, please contact us at DanceFloorRiot@gmail.com to let us know what size you'd like to order.  We'd love to be represented at the 5k in a MAJOR way, so we hope to see a sea of DFR zombie shirts at the marathon!!  Whatever shirts we don't sell before the race, we will be selling at the race after our performance.  The shirts will be $15 each, or $17 if paying by CC.

Use your brains now (while you still have them) and sign up on team DFR!!  We look forward to seeing you all there... we just hope some of you make it out alive.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Black Tie Affair

On September 7th, we will be playing our first ever black-tie event.  "How does DFR fit in w/a black-tie crowd?" you ask... well these people know how to party!!

We are playing at Lumiere Place/Hotel Lumiere for the 5th Annual Firefighters Ball! 

Want to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event with us?!  Well... you can!!

Follow this link to get details on how you can join us. http://firefightersweekend.com/#/firefighters-ball/4550548254
Tickets are $100 (or $60 for Fire/Police/EMS), which includes cocktails and an extraordinary silent auction.  As you continue well into the evening, enjoy the fine dining, camradery, and conclude the festivities by dancing the night away with yours truly!!

Remember, this is black-tie... so gents, if you're not in a tuxedo, you'll stick out like a sore thumb.  And ladies, formal gowns/dresses are required for you as well.

Gents, you can get a tuxedo for only $49.00 at all Men's Warehouse locations (must order by August 25th).

You can also get a hotel room at Lumiere for the evening for just $101.00, as long as you book by August 25th and use the code: Firefighters Ball 2012.

We hope some of you will make it to this fantastic event, as proceeds from this event benefit the Backstoppers Organization.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Contest Results & More

We are still getting people asking us how we did on the Casino Queen contest and the RFT contest.

We did not win either contest.  As cliche as it may be to say, we were very honored to even be nominated.  Most of the bands we were up against have been together for performing for 10+ years and to be nominated in the same circuit as them, and tied to such high caliber establishments as the Riverfront Times and the Casino Queen... is all very humbling for us and a true honor. 

Speaking of high caliber establishments, we are slotted to play on the 4th of July in downtown St. Louis on Laclede's Landing from 5-7:30, just before the world famous Dr. Zhivegas.  Also, the incredible HEART will be playing under the arch after our show at 8pm just before the multi-million dollar firework display over the river!!  Again, this is a huge honor.  Not only are we playing on one of the biggest days in downtown St. Louis, but we're opening for one of the most well-respected bands that came out of St. Louis! 

Our show at Arnold Park was a huge success once again!!  The crowd was just a big, if not bigger, than it was last year, and that means a lot to us since the only thing IN the park that evening was our show.  The picture below is of 6-yr old Alex, who you may recognize from our YouTube channel.  She is our honorary 7th member, and you may see her again in the future on stage with DFR!!

We are continuing to work on some new projects which we'll keep you posted on.  Some of our future endeavors include recording and producing our first CD, writing originals, collaborating with other artists, playing new LEGENDARY establishments, and much more! 

The t-shirts seem to be selling well, but may be a limited edition item, so be sure to get yours before they're gone!

And last but not least, we are continuing to work on the newest and most requested songs to keep you all hearing new material at our shows.  Thanks for the continued support!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Money

We are extremely excited to announce that we have teamed up with a handful of St. Louis area restaurants and have created the "Dance Floor Riot Performing Arts Scholarship" which will be awarded for the first time in 2013!

Each of the restaurants we're teamed up with has a menu item with the word "riot" in it, and every time that item is ordered, the proceeds from it will be donated to the scholarship fund! The first 2 places on-board... Steve's Hot Dog's on The Hill, and Double Deuce Saloon.

There will actually be 2 scholarships awarded each year, 1 band student and 1 choir student who are graduating and going to college to pursue their craft! The scholarship will be awarded at a new high school each year!

For the list of restaurants and menu items that benefit the scholarship, visit our web site: www.DanceFloorRiot.com

There are several other restaurants that will be joining us in this, but we're still ironing out all the details. As new places and menu items are added, they'll be posted on our web site!

Monday, April 16, 2012


So... in the very near future, we will be debuting some DFR merchandise for the first time!!  Some of you have seen our current shirts and sock hats and asked about purchasing them, however those shirts were a gift to us and our families, and won't be mass produced.  The sock hats however, we do have on-hand and will start selling them at the same time we debut the new tshirt we've created!  Once they come in, we'll post pictures and announce when/were they'll go on sale!

Monday, April 9, 2012

What Could it Possibly Be?!

OK folks... this is big news... the biggest announcement we have ever made to date!  And in true DFR fashion, it's a 2-part announcement.

Part 1:  DFR has a new member!!!  As a lot of you know, our pianist and vocalist Joe Randoll lives in Columbia, MO with his fiance and drives in for every single show, and sometimes back home after our Friday show to work, and back in for Saturday night's show... needless to say, MILEAGE.

To answer the immediate question... NO, Joe is not leaving the band.  Rather we have brought in a fill-in/sub for those weekends that Joe can not (or would rather not) make the drive in. 

Now, to answer your next 3 questions...
WHO?  Well, his name is Buddy, and he is a sexy beast.  He is an assett to DFR in several ways, and will absolutely blow your minds.  Some of you have gotten a sneek peak of Buddy over the past couple months, however NONE of you have seen or heard him play with us yet. Which leads to the 2nd question (and Part 2 of our big announcement)...

WHEN can we expect to see Buddy play with DFR?  Buddy's first show with DFR will be on April 19th at Casino Queen, which also happens to be Round 1 of our "Battle of the Bands" contest in the quest to receive an ongoing contract with Casino Queen, as well as a $10,000 prize!!!  This could be huge for the band, which also means that yes, we are throwing Buddy in to the lion's den for his first show. No worries though... he'll handle it like a pro.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT that night!!  1/3 of the contest results rely on crowd attendance, as well as crowd voting that night.  But before you worry your little heads about it being on a Thursday night and working the next day, relax... the full show that night is from 7-11, and features 3 bands each playing for an hour.  We will be playing from 8:30-9:30.  There will be kiosks set up around the Sevens Lounge that night for voting and we have some serious competition in this thing, so every vote will help!!  Plus, we would really like for the fans of DFR to welcome Buddy with open arms and show some support for his first show!!

Oh... the 3rd question...
WHAT does Buddy look like?  Well, also in true DFR fashion, we like to save our big surprises for our shows, so you'll have to come to the Casino Queen to find out.  However, we're feeling generous today, so here's a sneek peak...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Brace Yourselves...

Here's the big 2-part announcement we've been talking about..

1. Saturday, February 18th we will be playing at St. Louis Mardi Gras again... however this time we will be sponsored.  We will actually be playing during the parade... IN the parade... ON the Monster Energy float!  You read that correctly, we will be mobile, playing ON the Monster Energy float IN the Mardi Gras parade!  The parade is typically from around 11-12:30'ish.  So if you see the parade, you'll see us!

If that's not enough...

2. The same night, February 18th, we will be playing our 100th show!!  Where you ask?!  Our hometown spot... Double Deuce Saloon in Imperial, MO.  Come party with us that night for sure because we'll be carrying over the party from Mardi Gras and pulling out all the stops to be sure this is one show you'll never forget!!  The show is from 9-1 that night.

Take a deep breath... let all of that settle in your brain... then tell all your friends.