Friday, January 13, 2012

Brace Yourselves...

Here's the big 2-part announcement we've been talking about..

1. Saturday, February 18th we will be playing at St. Louis Mardi Gras again... however this time we will be sponsored.  We will actually be playing during the parade... IN the parade... ON the Monster Energy float!  You read that correctly, we will be mobile, playing ON the Monster Energy float IN the Mardi Gras parade!  The parade is typically from around 11-12:30'ish.  So if you see the parade, you'll see us!

If that's not enough...

2. The same night, February 18th, we will be playing our 100th show!!  Where you ask?!  Our hometown spot... Double Deuce Saloon in Imperial, MO.  Come party with us that night for sure because we'll be carrying over the party from Mardi Gras and pulling out all the stops to be sure this is one show you'll never forget!!  The show is from 9-1 that night.

Take a deep breath... let all of that settle in your brain... then tell all your friends.

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