Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Music Video Time!!!

We are getting ready to shoot our first music video!!  We have pulled no stops with this one!!  We've put in a lot of time, creativity and money... but something was missing.  Something that makes us... "us". We racked our brains trying to figure out what was missing.... then it hit us.  We aren't "us"... without YOU!!  As cliche as it sounds, we need our fans!! 

We're sooting the video on January 11th, 2015, and we are allowed to bring 10 fans along to participate in the music video!

Here are answers to the most common questions;
Q: What would I be doing in the video?
A: Just rocking out to a DFR show!  We're playing a medley of songs, and we need a group of people who are willing to stand in front of us and dance and rock out to us!

Q: How long will I need to be there?
A: You'll need to arrive by 4:30pm. You could potentially be there until midnight.  (Like I said, we're going all-out on this). Very unlikely you'd be there until midnight, but possible. So you'd need to be prepared to stay that long just in case.

Q: If we're staying from 4:40-midnight, is dinner provided?
A: Hell no. You have a job, you can buy your own dinner.

Q: What do I need to wear?
A: What you would wear to any of our shows!  No costumes, no logos, no photos and no text on your shirts please. Just go with solid colors or prints. Dress normal... but look good b/c this video will be seen across America!

Q: How do I get selected as 1 of the 10 people?
A: Simple. Email us and tell us why you want in! Our email is our band name at Tell us your name, age and phone number.

Q: Can I bring a friend 
A: Nope.  This is an invite only event, so if you want to bring a friend... make sure you put info for everyone you want to attend in the email so we can consider you all. (All attendees must be 21, and you will need to sign a release.)

We hope you're all as excited about this as we are, and we look forward to partying with some of you on January 11th!

Note: No alcohol will be allowed on set.