Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Contest Results & More

We are still getting people asking us how we did on the Casino Queen contest and the RFT contest.

We did not win either contest.  As cliche as it may be to say, we were very honored to even be nominated.  Most of the bands we were up against have been together for performing for 10+ years and to be nominated in the same circuit as them, and tied to such high caliber establishments as the Riverfront Times and the Casino Queen... is all very humbling for us and a true honor. 

Speaking of high caliber establishments, we are slotted to play on the 4th of July in downtown St. Louis on Laclede's Landing from 5-7:30, just before the world famous Dr. Zhivegas.  Also, the incredible HEART will be playing under the arch after our show at 8pm just before the multi-million dollar firework display over the river!!  Again, this is a huge honor.  Not only are we playing on one of the biggest days in downtown St. Louis, but we're opening for one of the most well-respected bands that came out of St. Louis! 

Our show at Arnold Park was a huge success once again!!  The crowd was just a big, if not bigger, than it was last year, and that means a lot to us since the only thing IN the park that evening was our show.  The picture below is of 6-yr old Alex, who you may recognize from our YouTube channel.  She is our honorary 7th member, and you may see her again in the future on stage with DFR!!

We are continuing to work on some new projects which we'll keep you posted on.  Some of our future endeavors include recording and producing our first CD, writing originals, collaborating with other artists, playing new LEGENDARY establishments, and much more! 

The t-shirts seem to be selling well, but may be a limited edition item, so be sure to get yours before they're gone!

And last but not least, we are continuing to work on the newest and most requested songs to keep you all hearing new material at our shows.  Thanks for the continued support!

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