Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ever wanted to be a member of DFR?! ... Part 2

As much as it saddens us to say, another original member of the band is moving on. Having been with us for just over 9 years (since the beginning), Seth has an opportunity to advance with his dream career in videography/photography that has forced him to make the tough decision to leave the band. As much as we want to keep him, we realize that this is a huge step that he not only wants to take, but needs to take for his career.

That being said, we will be auditioning drummers. There is not a hard deadline at the present time, but the sooner the better. Obviously this is a full-time gig and requires a big commitment, but if you or someone you know desires to fill the spot, please email us with your name, age, location, and experience. If you have any videos of yourself playing, that would be very helpful as well. You must be 21+ with your own gear, and reliable transportation.

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