Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strange Folk

This past weekend we played the Strange Folk Festival in O'Fallon, IL and man was it a good time.  If you're local and have never been, definitely make plans for next year... IF you're the kind of person who enjoys good food and homemade novelty items. 

There were around 100 vendors there selling all kinds of items from hats & t-shirts, to log pillows and boobie tassels.  Personally I bought a hand-made cigar box guitar (that plugs in and works very nicely) and a custom guitar strap. 

Going in to this event was scary... I signed us up to be considered for this year's entertainment not knowing the outcome.  When they called and said they wanted us, I checked out their web site and was immediately nervous.  Mushrooms and gnomes were the theme.  Was this a true "folk" festival?  Would we get yarn-bombed for playing Lady Gaga?  We weren't sure how this would pan out. 

We played after a trio of guys who provided interesting background music for the festival.  Not us... we are definitely a show.  If you hear us, you will stop and stare... whether it be for good reasons or bad... we're not background music.  However once we started heads turned, especially once we busted out Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".  After we finished, the "Ukelele Cowboy Society" hit the stage consisting of a woman singer, and a man with a ukelele.  We were definitely not expected, but very well received. :)

This makes me happy.


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